Ni-Cd Battery

If you are looking for the best reliable and safe batteries for your devices, You will find right solution with our nickel cadmium batteries, which is very robust design for over charge and over discharge.

Ni-MH Battery

There is no wonder about environmental pollution anymore as long as using eco friendly products such as Nickel metal hydride batteries.

Lead-acid Battery

We are sure of the reasonable price for your power with our quality good lead acid batteries basis on our over 30 years experiences.

Li-ion Battery

It doesn’t needed any safety problem to use high capacity of Li-ion batteries because IBT’S technologies has cleared safety issues with special BMS.


IBT has high growth potential for electric vehicles, marine, aviation, industrial ESS variety of industries based on state-of-the-art technology.


The battery technology is 30 years of intensive self-development BMS (battery management system) helps to maximize the performance of lithium batteries